Our Story – VW Sham
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Our Story

We were, until the news of VW's sham broke, very satisfied owners of two VW TDIs: a 2009 Jetta and a 2014 Passat. Love how they drive. Love the performance. And really love getting 50 mpg on the highway. We felt like environmentally responsible drivers because of the "clean diesel" technology - which VW actually considers superior to hybrids (see "Volkswagen Sought a Green Seal for Its Diesel Cars" on our news blog).

Aside from being pissed off, we feel ashamed of the cars we drive. We want to let other people know how angry we are as a result of VW's sham. We've heard other people feel the same way.

So, we launched VWsham.com so any VW driver (with a diesel or gas engine) can let others know what they think of VW. We hope you enjoy the selection of car magnets. 

Let us know what you think, email us at info@VWsham.com.